Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Inside the magazine at the fort

Out building at the fort

WWII communication room

Rifle slit

View of the harbour from the fort

Light House

Fort view from light house

Butchart Gardens

Sunken garden


The happy couple

Monkey tree

Don and Jeanne

Art shot. Look close

Japanese garden

Harbor at the gardens


Concert at the gardens


The boys are excited!

Bombs bursting in air

And on the ground

Hiking to the beach and look what we found

Da boyz

D & J

Enjoying lunch

Dusk at our campsite

Wow, what a whirlwind. We have been having so much fun it is hard to know where to begin. So here goes 2 days worth of travel blog. Let's see on Saturday we went to Ft. Rodd Hill just up the road for a tour of this facility that was used from the late 1800 through WWII to guard Canada's coast from invaders (who never came). Very well preserved and there was a working light house which was not part of the fort but on the same grounds. Of the many light houses we've seen this was the most picturesque. It was getting to be lunch time and we searched for the Greek Festival which was advertised. Man did we drive around but finally found it and all four of us enjoyed the fare. Then it was on the world famous Butchart Gardens. If you have never been there it is hard to describe the beauty. Fabulous is the word that comes to mind. We arrived in mid afternoon and the gardens took over 2 hours to see. There also was a concert AND the most fantastic fireworks show we have ever seen. It was a multi level show with about 50% on the ground. Of course the sky high boomers were there also. We got back to the campground about 11 PM and we all hit the sack. Sunday was a day of leisure. We all went to the Anglican Church for service and there was a neat park right next door we explored. One trail led to the beach and it was a popular place. Beautiful scenery but cold water which did not phase kids and dogs. Then to a really good lunch at a local eatery. After a day of relaxing at the campground. After cooking dinner at our site, we had a beach campfire which was beautiful. We needed a day to relax after really running for the past 10 days. Our batteries are charged again and off we go on labor day to take a drive on this island. We head back to Everett tomorrow (Tues) for 3 days and head out of Seattle Friday for our 12 day Alaskan adventure. Enjoy the pics.

FROM THE DISTAFF SIDE: For GEOCACHING FANS: Jeanne & I found our first cache...right at our beach!!! And we found it without using a GPS!

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