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The girls what smoke!!!! Fran, Flo, Em, and Zoe after a lubbily...


We tentatively rose (late!) this morning a little bit fragile but still buzzing from the previous night/day.

We were meeting up with Flo for din dins this evening so we headed out in the arvo to go and get her a belated crimbo present..............aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand 'somehow'* managed to leave our rucksack (with Em's flop-flips, hoody, Vodka, pringles, ........................and camera) in the taxi!!!

Can't believe the vodka's gone man!!!

Thus followed about 10 phone calls to different taxi companys (Em was just watching the road shouting out phone numbers off of the side of taxis that drove past!) reporting our bag missing as we had no idea what company the taxi was with.

No initial joy but we did make 'official' lost property claims with them all so who knows.........

The ironic thing about the camera is that it had actually stopped working this morning so we would have had to try and get it fixed anyway! Trying to find some positives here people!!!

Anyway after a bit of stress and shouting, we made it round to Zoe & Frans house (Flo's mates who are currently living in Syders) for a beer and chance to mellow out a little.

After a very pleasant few drinks in the garden we then went for a Turkish meal just down the road which was really nice as well.

After quite a stressfull start to the day it turned out very nice....and Turkish!!



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