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Em, Me, Jo Jo, and James on the escalator on the way...

Jo Jo, Nat, and James leaning on a lamp the corner...

Bondi at midday on Crimbo! Everyone was in really good spirits....except for...

Santa gave Em a pair of 48 inch heeled flip flops for...

It doesn't matter where you go they always find you!!!!

Holy smoke!!!

Some revellers at the Sunburnt Festival

Em without her flip flops on. Mick (papa Pettet) , the sun...

Rocking out when the sun went down


We started the day in true Sheen style with a bit of smoked salmon 'n' scrambled eggs with a glass (plastic beaker) of Bucks Fizz. It was amazing and even better when opening presents at the same time!!!

We did feel a bit bad though as some girl was sitting on a different table on her own eating value cornflakes!

Soooooooooooooooo we ignored her and continued to enjoy our feast!!!!

We had already booked tickets for a festival thing 'on' Bondi beach today which started at midday so after brecko we got ready and then headed over about 3pm!!!!!

On the way we bumped into Nat (Flo's mate), Jo Jo, and James (Nat's house mates) who were also going so we all travelled there together.

When we got there Bondi was already quite busy with loads of people on the beach or on the grass by the beach (where you were allowed to drink) enjoying their Crimbo.

The festival was in Bondi Pavilion which was on the promenade but not actually on the beach (which we thought was a bit cheeky!) and was pretty rammo by the time we got in there. There was 2 stages where DJ's were playing at either end of the garden bit and a bar at each end as well.

First things first - BEER!!!

Unfortunately like most festivals the bar was a bit of a joke and it took me over an hour to queue up for our first drinks of the arvo, and it did hit me at this point that I wanted to spend the day hanging on the beach rather than squashed in a sweaty queue for the pleasure of buying some overpriced beer!

However the queues got a bit better after this and the music was wicked all day as well!

There was lots of sunshine, beer, and dancing which was rather strange for Christmas day, and we also bumped into some lads that we had met tubing in Laos 3 months earlier which was cool but random! Aparently they also spotted me catching a wave* in Bali but they couldn't get close enough to say hello as the waves were too extreme. Ehem.

The party went on into the night and we eventually made it home just in time to make some drunken phone calls home to wish everyone a lovely christmas.

A different but truely wicked Christmas day!


*This may be a slight exageration.

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