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Landing Dock at Puerto Villamil

Boat Taxi We Came Over In

On Main Street Puerto Villamil

Plaza In Front of Main Street

One of Several Bldgs Seemingly Stalled In Middle of Construction

Off the Main Beach, A Pier and Restaurant (Closed)

Main Beach and Fancy Resort (Looks to be Empty)

Main Beach

Main Beach

Tiny Bit of Sunset

A Few Cruisers

Our Posada Caminante

Last day...Black Turtle Cove: Wht tip reef sharks, mottled ray, sting ray, Pacific green turtle, golden ray, boobies, lava heron, pelicans & black terns.

We said a fond farewell to all... the trip was fantastic mostly due to the good company and crew. Of course, seeing lots of critters was accomplished and learning much more about the history and development of Galapagos certainly made the time fly by.

I find it most interesting that we come to enjoy these unique places and in doing so cause their ultimate destruction. Not only by bringing to them more competition in the form of invasive species but by just being here in great #'s which require food, fresh water, energy, etc. and which (since we eat what is most readily avail.-fish) depletes and destroys what we come to enjoy! Of course, this seems to be the case everywhere large #'s of tourists travel but because of it's uniqueness and attempts to 'preserve' it are so in contrast w/ human activity, the end result is much more evident. And we were here on the off season which is coinciding w/ a drop in tourism in general! I hate to think of what happens when the world economy recovers and tourism rebounds!!

Now on Isabella - the 'ferry' crossing (6 of us in a small cabin cruiser) was bumpy to say the least. Small village of Puerto Villamil shows eveidence of boom/bust - upscale accomodations and restaurants mostly empty or w/ few people - looks like most tourists are backpackers or groups staying in budget places and trying to find food in the markets. If you eat fish or chicken it is possible to stay w/in $35/day budget, otherwise the only 'food' to fix is rice and beans, local staple. At Posada del Caminante, our room (at $20 dbl) has sm kitchen (no frig), private bath - tepid shower, TV (no English, just 3 channels), but lots of space...a bit off the beaten track, 10 min walk to 'down town' and beach. Our host/ owner, Lauro Samaniego Avila, brought us nice, sweet organges. We came over w/ Jon from Eden who is staying in room nxt to us.

6/7 & 8

It's been cloudy and windy both days. We basically vegged out - snorkeling not good and volcano was covered in clouds/rain the whole time so no trip to see it was necessary.

Nice village, sand roads, lots of new & partially completed construction. Tourism seems to be on hold and at low ebb.

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