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Crimbo Eve baby!!!

As we didn't have the usual rigmoral of going to work today we instead done........pretty much nothing during the day!!!

We went to the supermarche to get some Crimbo day goodies, and then pretty much hung out!

We had already planned to meet up again with a few guys (we had previously met travelling) in an Irish pub called PJ O'Brians. Doors opened at 7pm but being us we didn't get there until 8.30pm. Bit of a mistake there as the queue for the pub was 100 yards down the road!!!

We queued up for about an hour or so but eventually gave up and just went into the pub next door..........which actually turned out quite good as pretty much everyone who got fed up and left the queue for PJ's were all partying in here instead!!!

We had a few Yuletide drinks in here (including the biggest shot of tequila in the world!) and then headed off to find an internet place so Em could Skype her Parents and Grandparents which was very sweet.

We left here and made it back to our hostel just before midnight hoping for a bit of a celebration going on here........but alas no. There were 2 people sitting in the courtyard in the semi-dark talking about politics or something!!!

As I may have mentioned before, this hostel is very nice and clean - but has absolutely NO ATMOSPHERE AT ALL!!!

Undetered me and the Pettetster got ourselves a wee drinkypoos and spent the next hour or so wrapping up our presents for each other in the courtyard.

Eventually crashed allowing Santa to visit and do his stuff.

I don't think it matters where you are - Crimbo Eve's are usually a bit crap. Be it in Sydney, or at the Forge in Billericay! C'est la vie mon amis!


Oh and I also apologise for the lack of photos for this day - you'll find out why on the boxing day entry!!

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