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A Bit Crouded

Time got the best of us being an hour later here we barely got our tea/toast/jam brkfst before we had to ck out. No big deal since Bon cannot call the bank until noon time here (5 hours difference). We went to the 2 bus agencies going to Mercedes, one leaves at 1 the other 340pm. Hopefully, we can get the earlier one but that all depends on Skype connection with Billings bank!

Bon finally contacted Billings, all well 1pm bus. Countryside is rolling hills, agriculture-cows/cattle, corn, wheat, soy beans, etc. Midwest USA, ha! Found Hotel Mercedes just off the central plaza. An old colonial home converted, nice lady who wanted us to stay in a room w/ private bath so bad she lowered price to what the more cramped, dark, shared bath room was to cost us at first. Nice. But we had to commit to 2 nites, no problem since day trip to Fray Bentos tomor will eat up most of the day.

This town is very quiet, clean. We walked about, to river where all the people were's hot (30+=90F+)/see pic of beach and humid. Body just is not able to adjust quickly (1 week ago we wore jackets, gloves, hats). So little happening here we only found two restaurants open - one very $$$, other a burger/pizza place. Pizza seems to be a universal food all over L. America but quality is all over the map, mostly bad!

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