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Our first encounter of Sydney town centre...

On closer inspection we found the road had been shut off....

Superman turned up a few seconds later!

Sydney Central

Woolies is still going strong over here!

The Town Hall

A bit of Wagamamas action for luncheon

Me Didgeridooing some wrapping paper

Hanging in Alfred Park

Carols at St Andrew's Cathedral

It was a beautiful Cathedral

The AMAZING choir

God rewarded us with a cup of tea and some minced pies...


Today we met up with Flo and Nat in Sydney Central.

When we got there, there seemed to be a bit of a cafuffle going on and upon closer inspection there was a window cleaner lift about 50 stories high that was in a spot of bother! we couldn't see if one of the cables had snapped but it didn't look good! so we took some pics and carried on to meet Flo and Nat!

We met up and decided to go and do some shopping for a bit before meeting back for some lunch. Nat went back home so the 3 of us decided to go for a Wagamamas which was YUM!

On our way back to the Hostel Ozz and I decided to spend 30 dollars each in Woolies and get some xmas gifts for each other, then we stopped off in the park for a bit as the weather had cheered up.

In the evening we had an appointment with Jebus that is! We decided to go to see some christmas carols in St Andrews Cathedral. We wasn't too sure what to expect and felt a little bit akward at first but we just kind of hid at the back hymns in hand.

It was absolutly brilliant! the choir was spectacular! and there was a brass band there too and we even got tea, biccys and cake afterwards! A really nice christmassy evening and look Mums and Dads it didn't involve any booze!!

It was tipping it down with rain outside and had actually turned quite cold so we jumped in a cab as it we were quite close.

When we got back we met Matt and his sister and her friend and spent the rest of the night chatting and had some dinner.

A very nice day indeed!


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