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I arrived at Nev's and Emma was away for the night so I had her room. I'm staying there because a friend of mine has offered them a car and we are going to Bunbury tomorrow to pick it up.

I had finally brought up my Cousin Tim's shot glasses that his Mum had gotten us to buy for him on the world trip. So Codey and I got in the car and headed over to her place to drop them off. They were really happy with them so that was a relief. Knew that they would be though as they are bloody good. Have to hand it to the yanks, they have brilliant shotties.

We ended up having a coffee and a chat for ages and before we knew it, her youngest came in asking what was for dinner. It was 6pm. Where the heck does time go. Before leaving she showed me Tim's screen saver. It was of the Australia Day fireworks that had accompanying lightning and the comets visit. The photo was taken at Hillary's and is such a great shot. I hope he remembers to send it. That's one that I can't wait to have. I didn't get to see it for real so this will definitely do.

Codey and I said our goodbyes and Deb sent me off with tones of movies and a huge thanks for taking her sister on the trip. She's so happy that I did it and even happier that Mum went. She hopes to one day take her youngest son Mathew on a trip. I hope she does.

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