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Our hostel in Sydney

The view from our hostel in Sydney

I look really scared!

Some interesting messages on jojo's back.....

Me and a guy we met that is from Romford! He really...

Natalie strikes a pose!

......No idea!

A bit of live music

Me and Natalie

Flo's got the pen again!!!!

Can you tell what it is yet!?!?!

He doesn't really!

Me and Floetry

Ahh thats nice!


love you Flo!

Flo sporting a square monical courtesy of Ozz!

Ozz sporting a penis on his head courtesy of Flo!!

Ahhhhhh can you feel the love!


A bit of dancey time

I have no idea what this covo was bout but it looks...

Oohh...I need to get some tan on that side of my arm!

Were not drunk...I swear!

Oooh I say

Ah-ha haaaaa we are having a HOOT!

Action shot

Me licking a raindeer

They seemed really cool at the time.....but looking back......

Sydney street party!

I'm not and Natalie smashed heads a second before this was...

Zoe & Em have their 'first' Christmas drinks!!

Ok we were on a bit of mish this morning!

Newcastle is about about an hour and a half from Syders and we have to drop our car off at AVIS in Dee Why (In the outskirts of Sydney) at 10.45am.

However before we drop it off we are going to try and find a Toyota garage to get some paint to try and cover up the bumps and grazes on the car!!!

SO we left Newcastle at about 6.30am getting to Dee Why at about 8-8.30am. The Toyota garage and the AVIS were both here however we could only find the AVIS! Doh!

Also it only just occured to us that once we drop the car off here we have to lugg all of our gear back into Sydney to try to find our hostel.

We basically gave up on trying to paint the car before we gave it back but asked the dude in the AVIS rental place if we could drop the car off at an AVIS nearer to our hostel (about 15 miles away!). Rather unexpectedly he said no problem. Cool!

So with time ticking away we headed on into Sydney to try and find our hostel.

We kinda knew where abouts it was but not exactly. Then throw in A LOT of one way streets. Basically it took us about an hour to find the bleedin place which meant he had to literally drop our bags off at the hostel and then get back in the car and race to the AVIS in Kings Cross in the 5 minutes before it had to be returned!

We found it quite quickly (I think we were about 5 minutes late) and turned up all prepared for the worst.

The dude checked the petrol and said we had to top it up before it could be returned so off we sped again to try and find a petrol station, legged it back, and then again prepared ourselves for bad news.

Some other bloked checked the car this time (Asian and not nearly as scarey!) but still asked us about the scrape on the front. We pleaded ignorance so he went and got his boss. He had a look, again we pleaded ignorance, and he went "yeah ok, no worries. See you later."

We absolutely couldn't believe it!

So we skipped and high fived our way down the road...until Em realised she'd left her sunglasses at the scene of the great escape, so back she went.........thankfully they hadn't changed their minds and so off we ran again to get out of there and find our way back to the hostel.

Still can't believe it now!!

Anyway we got unpacked and stuff in the hostel, updated the website for a bit, and then went out for a drink with Em's friend Flo (from London) who is out on holiday here.

This drink turned into several and we ended up on some sort of organised pub crawl again in Kings Cross.

Quite a late and boozey night (but we had to say hello to Syders properly didn't we!?!?), had a bit of a sing-a-long and boogie with some buskers at the end of the night (and there mechanical singing raindeer with a pierced tongue!) and then back to the hostel and bed.

A day that started and ended very well indeed!!!


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