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We pulled right in front of the cabin, a perfect spot between...

Here for several days, I put out the awning and hooked up...

My daughter Annie's cabin on Briggs Lake

My daughter Annie's cabin on Briggs Lake

My daughter Annie's cabin on Briggs Lake

Briggs Lake

The view from my 'office' in the motorhome.

Annie and Hazel are waiting for me to throw the steaks on...

Our granddaughter Sasha.

My daughter Annie and her husband Steve own a nice year-around cabin on Briggs Lake, a few miles Southeast of St. Cloud, Minnesota. It is the perfect spot for us to park our motorhome when we're back in Minnesota, with a 30 amp power plug in, a good well, and, if I can figure it out, maybe access to the septic tank. And, I even have a perfect "view of the southern sky" the Dish Network folks tell me I need for reception on our satellite dome.

With everything I need in the motorhome, I hardly ever go in the cabin, so Annie and her family have their privacy even when we're there. I'd just gotten set up when Annie and the kids arrived in the family mini-van, pulling a new purchase, a Wave-Runner, a Sea-Doo type watercraft, a motorcycle on water. Looks like fun, and the kids ran it all over the lake the next day.

Later in the day, Annie was at the motorhome door, "Dad, do you have any gas?" I pulled out my 5 gallon container from a storage bay and handed it over. Later, Annie and Hazel drove into St. Cloud to do some shopping, and picked up another 5 gallons. Then, my son-in-law Steve refilled my 5 gallon tank, something he sure didn't need to do, I'm very happy to provide some fuel so the grandkids can enjoy themselves, a small price to pay for this great private RV park.

Driving a motorhome, I'm more than familiar with the cost of gasoline. A great line from the 2006 Robin Williams movie "RV", one of my grandkids favorite films (any movie where the contents of the black water tank are geysering into the air is bound to be a hit with kids), is when the teenage daughter is reading the brochure for their newly rented motorhome:

"4.3 miles per gallon, why don't we just stay home next summer and set fire to an oil field?"

This brought back some memories from my youth, when my folks lived on the Mississippi River, and I would run my dad's aluminum fishing boat around with a 5 horsepower motor. Back then, gas was 20¢ a gallon, and dad would complain about me burning up all his expensive gasoline.

(Checking an inflation calculator on the net, 20¢ in 1961 is about $1.65 today.)

Hazel and I will be here for a few days, we're about 30 miles from our $75 a month storage unit in Princeton, Minnesota, and we want to get that cleared out and closed, there isn't a thing in there worth $75 a month. Storage units are a tender trap, and I don't want to look back 10 years from now and realize we've paid $9,000 (or more) to store $500 bucks worth of "stuff".

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