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When Seagulls attack!!! These were all standing still yet with one eye...

The path by the harbour with the painted rocks down - Or...

They must've known me and Em were coming!!!!

Em eyeing up which rock to subtley slip into her handbag!

Matt and his busted bike, yet he still manages to pose like...

A dolphin swims around the harbour

Town Beach in Port Macguarie

Me surfing at town beach..............................ehem...................

Today we explored Port Macguarie, Matt opted for a 5 hour mountain bike and Ozz and I went for 4 hour stint on the internet then went for a walk.

We met Matt en route to the beach and he had a flat tyre, so we laughed at him for a bit then all walked up along the coloured rocks that lined the harbour and looked for dolphins. We actually saw some really close to shore which was pretty amazing.

After that we walked to the end of the rocks and watched some people surfing for a bit.

Man they could surf!!!!

We wandered back to the hostel via Woolies and had a spot of luncheon before heading off to Newcastle.

Port Maguarie seems like a nice place but not terribly exciting!

And it's no Byron Bay!!!!

We arrived at Newcastle around 7 ish and checked in to our hostel "Newcastle Backpackers" which we all admited looked like a dump from outside.....but as we have learn't on our travels, never judge and all that!

We had booked "the lounge" which turned out to actually be in the TV lounge! It had a bunk and 3 matresses on the floor but it actually turned out pretty sweet as we had TV at the end of our bed, a kitchen and bathroom right next door and it was away from the main block so it felt like we had our own place really!

We spent the evening playing free ping pong and pool with a couple of Dutch guys that were staying on teh other 2 matresses in our lounge and apart from a reeeeallly loud reaaaaally annoying Canadian girl we had a cool evening!



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