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Coby getting his bath in the swimming pool

This isn't too bad

Trying to escape

Getting my face wet

Oh no, here comes the soap

No spot was missed

Getting rinsed...burr that water is cold

It wasn't so bad

I'm tired now

I still love my Mom

Drying in the sunshine

On the go again

He is a clean boy again

After all the family left on Sunday afternoon. Mom and G'ma gave me my first bath in my swimming pool. The pool was like bath water, not bad at all. They got me all wet and then lathered me up with special oatmeal soap by Paul Mitchell made just for puppies. Then Mom, not G'ma she wouldn't do that to me, rinsed me off with the cold water of the hose. Burr, that part sucked! Mom dried me off and I laid on the deck to dry off. The best part was when they put Ziggy (that darn cat) in the pool after me. He flew out of there. He didn't want any part of that! He only got his paws wet and he didn't much like it either, but it sure made me feel good that I wasn't the only one getting wet today.

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