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The Provincial Legislative building in Edmonton

pretty flower - there had to be one in there!

Welcome back to the farm!

Hey kitty kitty

Taking the peas off over by Grandpas

No stopping for night time - Dad on the school quarter

a view from the combine's drivers seat

Call for the trucker man

Big wheels keep on turnin...proud Mary keep on burnin...rollin...rollin...

And off into the sunset he goes!

Ready to dump...

Harvest in full swing

Can you spot the man in motion? see how fast he is...

Hagen, the German trainee and nephew Gavin

Brian's body guard - niece Gemma

Harvest Moustache 1 - I thought he cleaned that dirt off his...

Harvest Moustache 2 plus side burns too!

So do we make farmers yet??

Warm night by the fire pit

Don (Andrea's Dad) is happy - dinner is nearly ready

Don not happy as Hagen eats his hotdog

Csaba cutting trees down

Brian watching Csaba cutting trees down

Happy birthday dad

But I won't fit in that tractor

No, it's still fact, it's grown!

Neils with Pedro and Sanchez

Potato picking

I am a robot

The potatoes are picked for another year

Celebrating Dee's 30th Birthday

Are any of these people capable of murdering anyone?

Was she the murderer

Was she

Was the gay barber the murderer

Dee with long-time friend, Heidi

Various pictures of our neice Gemma and nephew Gavin


We don't know what he is eating






Csaba's world famous peach pies

Linda the hairdresser moves on to greener pastures

It's not even winter yet! Uncle Mel, Aunt Betty, Mom and Emery


On the 14th August, we flew out to Edmonton, Alberta to see Sister Shari and family with Csaba following the next week. Mom and Dad were going to have plenty of help this year with the three of us joining them for harvest.

When we got there, the Gleaner combine was in for repairs and we had borrowed a neighbours combine to start on the peas...This combine proceeded to almost catch on fire due to a missing grease nipple and a bearing that had consequently disintegrated over time. After that was all fixed, things went a lot better.

Brian soon became the trucker along with Csaba and Hagen, the German agriculture exchangee (Trainee). It was a steady job once harvest got rolling. They each tried a bit of swathing and other odd jobs around the farm. Somehow we found time to catch the odd bbq over the firepit (#19) and celebrate Dad's birthday. Neils from Denmark even came over for a wee holiday. (#27)Brian and Csaba soon became known as the Mexican immigrant workers and adopted the names of Pedro and Sanchez...wouldn't you change your name with moustaches like those!?! This by the way, was a special game in the name of harvest. Traditionally, hockey players will grow facial hair during the playoff season. So in good Canadian spirit, these two decided to try and grow facial hair of any sort...and this is what happened!

After a bit of rainfall (a couple tenths of an inch) we opted to pick the spuds. Wee Gavin walked about with a bag over his head repeating "I am a robot...I am a robot" until he got caught up in some potato plants and tipped over. All we saw then was these two tiny boots wiggling and a helpless little voice crying "get me out of here!!!" Funny kid. He had us in hysterics!

After missing Csaba dearly, sister Dee flew out in early October for a visit. We threw a surprise 30th birthday party for her complete with a "Murder on the Prairie" Murder Mystery game. Brian's attempt at a western cowboy came out more like a gay man who happened to be in love with my Mom! My Indian/Native American accent ended up more like a broad Irish one! Plenty of laughs and memories.

The final photos are just a few of the neice and nephew...ahh.

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