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Fine breakfast with the owner who also had arranged transport to bus station. Bus left promptly at 8:45am...Arr at noon and discovered that the buses to Silifke leave every day at 2:30pm and 9 at night. If we stay in Antalya and go tomorrow at 2:30 we would get to Silifke at 10pm which would be cutting things pretty close to buy ferry tickets and get to port by 11:30pm! A vote and we unhappily (because this means another 8 hours on a bus plus arriving in Silifke at night - a poor time to find accommodations) decide to leave today and spend the night in Silifke where we will buy our ferry tickets with plenty of lead time.

Bon & Mari have already seen this part of Turkey mostly so it is not a question of missing much. I sit and eat my bus station fare! So far to Antalya we've been over a beautiful mountain pass with snow capped mountain peaks on both sides. Lots, like I'd say hundreds of green houses all along the way and up in the mountain flatlands are many marble quarries (see photos). Looks to me like alot of road construction going on in this part of Turkey and in these mountains it appears that Turks with $$$ are building summer homes as well. A very distinct difference between what looks like the locals homes and the 2-3 story Mega structures that appear to be new.

Turks seem to all be working whereas there were alot of Greeks just sitting around midday. A lot more hustle here!

Once we leave Antalya the bus is travelling along the coast - see photos.... After our dinner stop we climb up higher along the rocky, sloping coastline. I take back what I said about greenhouses, there are not hundreds, there are thousands, especially when you include tunnel houses! Also, every tiny, terraced or level space all along this coastline is planted in BANANAS! Amazing, I swear there are thousands of acres of bananas! With still 150 km to go it got dark and the winding, twisting, up & down road made going very slow...for which I'm glad! Glad as well due to extensive road construction/widening the highway. I think we made the right decision to come a day early, I don't see us getting to our destination much before 11!

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