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I find that I'm comparing Turks to Greeks due to their past history, but this is not fair to either. In many ways the two peoples are very similar. I have found them to be very gregarious, often joking and generally enjoying life. Last night we 'stumbled' into Hotel Ayatekla just a few blocks from where the bus dropped us off at 11:30pm! Very glad to have arrived, hopefully, a day early...we check the ferry times/tickets next.

Back from a trip to Tasucu port where we bought midnight tickets to Girne, Cyprus. Walking around downtown looking for a bank which would give euros via ATM like they did in Bodrum...no luck!

We asked finally (very few here speak understand English) at a bank and fellow said the only way to get euros is to exchange lira! We are concerned because the LP says that there is alot of fraud via ATMs in Cyprus?! I guess we will find out soon.

Meanwhile, Bon is going to an internet to get the word on/from Iranian tour people to see if it is a go. If we cannot get a definate YES about a visa then it will soon (if not already) be too late to get reasonable airplane tickets to/from Tehran. It was under $200 US, much more and we won't be able to afford it.

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