Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Building planes

Testing taxiway strength

Largest building in the world cubic feet wise

Jocelyn likes Izzie and Trevor and her little giraffe

Rebecca, Jocelyn and Chris

The happy couple

The four of us took off for the Boeing tour here in Everett WA. Great tour, 90 minutes and we had a very knowledgeable tour guide. We saw them building planes and watched as workers were building a Boeing 787 (their newest) which is made of polymer material that is stronger than steel and lighter than the aluminum skin we are all used to. I expect this is the way all planes will be made. While Don and Jeanne went off to visit hometown friends in the area we had a nice visit with Shirley's nephew Chris(mine too but from her side) his wife Rebecca and their 4 year old (almost 5)Jocelyn. They came out for lunch and we ate lakeside enjoying the hots and hamburgers, the view and each other. Today church first then meeting for brunch with Shirley's other nephew Pat (Chris's brother) who could not make it yesterday. It was another beautiful day with sun and temps in the high 70's. When we return we are looking forward to more fun with Don and Jeanne. Enjoy the pics.

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