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Norwegion Friends Met on Ferry

Sleeping "Accomodations" On Ferry

The Port City Girne

Self explanatory

Port of Girne

History of Girne

300 BC Shipwreck found near Girne...see explanation following

Shipwreck explanation

Wine bottles found in wreck

Wine bottles found in wreck

I think this is how fire was transported

The ballast the ship carried

From the fort wall(Castle Kyrenia), Girne

Interesting ruins...Castle Kyrenia. See Wiki info

From the fort wall/Castle Kyrenia, Girne

Inside the old fort...Castle Kyrenia

Blue House description

Countryside looking out from Blue House

Pool at Blue House

Wiki Info Nicosia

To ferry port...we could not get more euro so who knows what the situation in Cyprus will be for $$. We seem to always be getting more and can't afford running out of local currency.

Finally on board ferry at 11:30pm and we meet 4 Norwegians, Lars - an economist, Gullik - a lawyer, Randi - art historian, and Ulf - art historian ( not work in same museum in Oslo)...travelling in E. Turkey and now - since it was quite cold there - they are able to spend last 4 days in Cyprus before flying home. Very interesting folks though we dominated alot of conversation so we did not learn alot about them/Norway.

It is 1:45am and still we have not left...this is the most BASIC ferry we have been on, practically no decent facilities! See photo!

Next morning we talked with Norsky folk more, very good sense of humor and enjoyed their company. Gullik/Randi have 2 children in Oslo (lawyers too) & 16 mo. old new grandchild.

We ended up in Sidelya Hotel. Very nice fellow the desk clerk, Cemal - a Pakistani from Lahore studying tourism here, helped us w/ a better deal but not good enough to encourage us to stay more than one night. Off about town to collect info from Tourist Info Office, the a minivan/bus took us to the Blue House. Very interesting history from Turkish perspective.

Wiki Indo on Girne/Kyrenia

Info Guzelyurt/Blue House

More Info on Blue House

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