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What a day. We were so organized this time around (this was trip two for us - the first being the first weekend we arrived in Ghana) that we had 2 tro tros so I did not even have a child on my lap until the return trip.

The beaches are SO great here. And the day out is such a treat to all of us. We compile a list of kids who have not been recently or ever, to the beach, get the ok from "Mommy" the night before and then let the kids know an hour before we leave as to minimize the tears of those who are not on the list. The excitement on the faces of those who are on the list is incredible. 8 year old Emmanuela gets top marks for her shocked face/leaping up and down/skretching/jumping into my arms combo when told she would be joining us. Its the stuff that makes you remember exactly what you were thinking when you signed up for this volunteer gig:)

En route we pick up pure water sackets, baggies for everyone filled with rice and beans, corn on the cob and then later on on the beach buy coconuts from someone who chops them open fresh for us to drink and eat the jelly-like "meat" of the coconut.

Most kids do not have a bathing suit but who cares? None have towels so we volunteers do a good job of drying them off. And all the kids fall asleep on the ride home.

We laugh all day and the volunteers have as much fun as the kids.

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