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Monkey park

Over the next three days, Craig and I have spent our time wandering around Kyoto, exploring places that I didn’t visit with Jenny and Andrea, plus a few that I did. It is very convenient to visit a city again, knowing basically where everything is located and which direction to head in.

First off was the “Inari Shuffle”. This very famous and picture worthy shrine, often called the red gates, winds its way up the mountain for approximately four kilometres to a beautiful view over Kyoto.

Unfortunately, it seemed every tourist in Kyoto was there to do the same thing! What was more frustrating was some women were walking in high heels and taking their time walking up. Luckily the closer we got to the top, the crowds thinned and it was easier to keep a decent pace.

From there it was on to Arashiyama with the bridge, bamboo forest and monkey park. Craig was very patient while I happily snapped monkeys but I think we have agreed that going to any animal orientated destination with me will leave him extremely frustrated!

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