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Dorian (We are the blue dot)

Cindy in her Hurricane

Fall is Coming to Maine 1

Fall is Coming to Maine 2

Hurricane Dorian put a bit of a damper on our trip. The hurricane came pretty close to us but by Florida standards it wasn't bad at all. I would guess we had winds in the 50 to 60 mph range, but I had us tucked in a nice safe place. Nova Scotia on the other hand is not at all prepared for this kind of weather. They had practically no property damage, but the power grid is a mess. They have power lines down everywhere with no prediction of when power will be restored in many areas. As we were driving out, we noticed that they don't do any preventative tree trimming. The power lines simply run through the trees. I talked to a local and he told me that they do trim, but only after a storm. Go figure!!!!

I attached a picture of the hurricane path and also a picture of Cindy in her hurricane survival suit.

Anyway, with no power, they closed the two attractions we were waiting around to see. Burntcoat Park and the Maitland Tidal Bore. Both operations were closed and they had no idea when they would reopen. I still can't figure out why you need electricity to look at the water.

Given the situation we decided to head back to the states and make our journey down the coast. We made our first stop in Bangor, Maine. I attached a couple pictures to show how close we are to fall.

Will be headed down to Fredericksburg VA to visit with our friends Wayne and Joyce. Looking forward to it. A couple short stops after that and then we anticipate being home around Sept. 20.

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