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Leaving the hotel

At Paramaribo airport

Dinner in Miami

The guys are alright!

Up at 4:30 for final packing and leave with the full moon just about to set. We went down to the office to meet our transport and the hotel clerk was asleep, but we checked out and our ride showed up around 5:30.

Trip to the airport took a bit over an hour as the airport was over 50 km away. Lots of traffic going into town but not much out so the ride was an easy one. At the airport we checked in and our bags were checked to Miami. We had a small snack and I bought a bottle of 12 year old rum from the Duty Free, thinking I would put it in my suitcase in Miami.

The flight arrived on time and we were some of the first to board - Suriname airlines (they have three airplanes). Then a quick hop to Aruba. Well, here we had to get off and go through security again - before we got to our luggage. So I lovingly placed the bottle of rum next to the trash can as NO liquids, no matter where from, could go through. Anyway, we cleared security, then went through US passport control, then security again, and then back on to our original plane!

Flight to Miami was easy and no delays, and we ended up at the airport about 4:00 well in time for our 8:15 flight. We had a bit of dinner and watched the TV news a bit (sad to be back). Then found our flight was delayed an hour. Then they moved the gate. Then there were passenger issues and we finally got off the ground at 10:15.

Into Reagan about 12:15 and sat on the runway a half hour as there were not enough workers to deal with our plane. We finally got off about 12:50 and our bags had arrived hours before on a previous flight. BUT we were too late for the hotel shuttle so we took a taxi to the hotel, where we checked in and had a good sleep.

The next morning we had breakfast (free as our carpet was wet from the AC), and drove back to Bedford where everything was just as we left it!

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