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Smoky Sunrise in Missoula

Fire Artisian Pizza

Steve and Pizza

Fire Artisian Pizzas

Pizza Menu

First Step in Lime Curd Making - Lime juice, eggs, sugar and...

Jarred curd ready for InstaPot

Jars in the Pot

Fnished jars of lime curd

InstaPot set for and elevation of 2,200 feet

Bones and Veggies in the Pot to make broth

Haricut under the RV Awning

Idaho Decal Application Ceremony

USA Map showing the states in which we have camped

Calmed Martha resting beside me as I type

August 23 – Travel from Missoula, MT to Post Falls, ID

More mountains, more climbing, but no overheating or check engine light – Life is Good. :)

We left Missoula in smoke and traveled in smoke most of the way to Idaho. See Kathleen’s photo of the rising sun in the smoke.

After we set up camp in Post Falls at the Coeur d’Alene RV Resort, we headed for the nearby Walmart to pick up supplies and order more anxiety pills for Martha to have enough for us to get to Florida. Martha is anxious when we leave the RV and barks and gets stressed and then gets sick. So, from our Jackson, WY vet visit we have a prescription for Trazodone HCL which calms her very effectively.

For lunch, we dined at Fire Artesian Pizza Restaurant and enjoyed the best pizzas that we have tasted, ever. Two kinds were enjoyed – a Margherita with fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato and olive oil and the especially scrumptious Gordy with dates, gorgonzola, mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic reduction. Dipping sauces were offered to dip the crusts into.

The afternoon was an InstaPot rally event with our special pot and pothead (Kathleen) making lime curd and bone broth. See the photos for the processes. I drink a portion of broth every day which seems to help reduce my knee discomfort. We picked up 5# of beef bones at a grocery while we were out this morning. Veggies are cooked with the bones to give the broth some flavor.

Late this afternoon, we had a small ceremony while Kathleen applied the Idaho decal to our USA map that is on the side of our RV slide.

Before the ceremony, we both got haircuts – mine with a #3 comb all over with a little longer in front and Kathleen’s a little shorter all over. The photo of the haircutting event looks I am in pain but I am actually squinting to see my iPhone on the end of the selfie stick. :)

Tomorrow, we enter the state of Washington for the first time. We will camp in Ellensburg and pickup a package of tire pressure sensors that the Deardorffs forwarded to the campground. The sensors arrived after we had left Nebraska.

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