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WOW the Calgary Stampede is amazing! The street parade this morning had over 120 floats and exhibitors - something for everyone; dancers from all around the globe, thousands of horses of very breed, marhing bands, flag twirlers, indigenous tribes from this area, wagons, army bands, tanks, stampede queens both past and present and lots more.

We then headed to the stampede grounds - huge! First we watched a show that was kind of like a stockmans challenge that once the rider had finished their course they rang the bell and then the working dog and their trainer did the dog challenge. The scores are added together to find the winner. It was great, something that would be great to run at home I think.

Next was a walk through the Ag pavillion looking at all the horses, so many breeds, donkeys and mules. Most of the animals seemed very tired after their long day and were actually sleeping.

Then it was on to the carriage horses, I picked the winner! The workouts they had to do were great and complex. After them was the Percheron pair (I picked the winner again) - the carriages they were pulling were huge and beautiful. We then walked around looking at everything for about another hour before heading back to our hotel, after 9 hrs on the go a very cold, tall drink was calling us!

Yes it's hot here, about 32C today but thankfully there was a breeze. Back out their tomorrow and the chuck wagon show tomorrow night!

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