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Enjoying the new bed

Old look

New look floor

clean clothes at last lol

we can make lots of pizza with this baby

new wobbly pop cooler

i love this machine

Hello folks from sunny SW Ont. Lots has been happening since my last report. New roof on shed, staining it out now, newly sanded floors complete, new cushion flooring down, new appliances delivered and getting a work out, some minor plumbing done, Randi got her scrub sink by washing machine for first time in a really long time, lots of new lights installed, had a 30 amp circuit installed in garage so can now plug MH in while parked in driveway, toilets, sink, taps, some curtains, awaiting an area rug to show up and our moving driver discovered our 2 missing chairs and a couple of boxes of things. Move generally was good, only 2 things got a little damage done to them but repairable. We are hooked up to Bell satellite service for internet/TV, quite a pile of channels for sure. New home number is 519 695 2718 if anyone needs to call sometime. Been doing lots of visiting with relatives/friends learning the lay of the land. Weather has been great but in the last 10 days or so there is a definite different feel in the air in the mornings(something called Fall i am told is coming) we don't care still wearing our west coast shorts. Crazy things going on south of the border yikes that was a couple of wild storms, too bad you guys couldn't get some of that rain out west. That's about it for tonight folks take care all, Nascar playoffs start this weekend in Chicago Go 78

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