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View from the hotel

Sagrada Familia

Detail - Fruits

Picture of the original church

Detail - Nativity

Detail - Tree of Life


Rear of the church

West window (death)

East Window (birth)

Emptyingthe trash

Walking street

Our Hotel - the Melila Sky

In the sea

The Beach


Up and get dressed then a taxi ride to Gaudi Square where we were to meet our guide. She directed us to buy a scarf for Alice’s bare shoulders, which we did.

Then we headed into this most elaborate of churches – Gaudi’s Sagrada Famelia, declared a minor basilica by the pope. Very elaborate and hard to take it all in. Still under construction and to be finished in 2024, the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death.

The church was very elaborate outside but rather plain inside - huge stained glass (no figures – only names) faced east (greens and blues for life) and west (reds and oranges for death). Every word written on the building was in either Latin or Catalan, as that was where Gaudi was from. All in all a remarkable church that really stands out.

We decided to skip the evening walking tour as it was in the same place and got a ticket on the local tourist “Hop on Hop off” bus. It drove us around the city and while quite interesting in itself, the city was much like Paris in that most of the architecture was pretty much the same.

Of interest to me was their trash collection. There is a small bin that sits on the sidewalk but underneath is a huge container. A big truck with a crane comes by and lifts the whole thing up and dumps it. Looks like they can have collection every couple of weeks and still have everything nice.

We finally got back to the hotel and decided to go for a swim. The hotel clerk directed us to a nice walking street that led directly to the beach. We got in and floated for 15 minutes or so – low waves and quite refreshing. Beach was crowded and Alice was amazed to see that it was a “shirt optional” beach. No great problems. Once we were done we headed back on the walking street and stopped for an ice cream.

We rested a bit at the hotel then asked the clerk where we could get nachos – Alice’s most desired food. She wrote down an address and we got a taxi and headed off. It was actually a really tiny place completely packed with men. Looked a bit intimidating so we walked back to the shore and along the marina until we found a place that served Nachos! We had a drink, ate, then got a taxi back to the hotel.

For one day on Barcelona we did a lot and saw a lot. There was much more that we didn’t see, but a nice city and, though touristy, some really nice places. Tomorrow we head to Madrid!

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