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Carpes boondocking @ Cabella's

Holiday weekend traffic on I 90 east of Rapid City

South Dakota has increased its speed limit

We passed Wall and didn't stop

Lost an hour...

Crossing the Missouri River

Fri, 30 Jun: Good bye June and good bye Rapid City...

After thirty days in Rapid City we developed a pretty good case of "hitch itch". This is a common malady with RVers when we're tired of seeing the same sights out our windows. In this case we had some business in Rapid City that required us to be "in residence" for thirty days, and that is all behind us.

We wrapped up all of our last minute chores—laundry, shopping, etc.—Thursday and started to organize things for travel. Of course, Mother Nature had to add her 2¢s worth and treat us to a thunder storm or two just to keep things interesting.

Friday morning we finished up our pre-departure check lists and moved the coach out of her site and got the tow car connected. After checking brakes, lites, etc. we stepped into our mailing service's office to pick up our mail. We also bade farewell to the "crew" who have been so warm and welcoming during our stay.

We rolled wheels a few minutes after ten and in no time at all we were heading east on I 90. This drive thru west-central South Dakota and the Badlands is beautiful and the road is in excellent condition. South Dakota has increased the speed limit on its Interstates to 80 mph. We don't drive anywhere near that fast in the coach, but plenty of folks were.

We went thru the town of Wall, home of the famous Wall Drug Store. We didn't stop until we reached a rest stop where we broke for lunch and a change of drivers. Now it was Sandi's turn and she wrapped up the day by pulling into the Cabella's in Mitchell SD. Cabella's has a huge parking lot and welcomes RVers to spend the nite.

We "lost" an hour mid-state when we entered the Central Time Zone. As a result when we stopped it was already Happy Hour!!!!. Such a deal.

Today's drive was 264 miles and Carpe delivered a 9 mpg fuel economy. Tailwind was helpful...

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