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Monday 22nd Aug - Brisbane to Rathdowney

We have a destination for today. We haven’t been there before so it holds excitement for us as we try out a new campground. ‘BIGRIGGEN’ is a private property campground situated 9km from Rathdowney in SE Qld.

Should only be a bit over 1 and half hours so dropped in on Ron’s brother and sister-in-law who live at Booval in Ipswich. Great excuse for a cuppa and a chin-wag. At present they have their eldest grandchild staying with them - Kira, who was eagerly waiting for confirmation in the mail to give her a student visa for her study at Leeds Univ in UK to do a Masters degree in Sports Psychology. We stayed for lunch because the mail comes about 1pm and the excitement was worth waiting for. It DID arrive (thank you Aust Post) and she was beside herself with elation……just fantastic to see. She immediately went on-line to book a flight out of Brisbane for tomorrow. Excitement plus. We left Ipswich about 1:45.

Our destination is 42km SE from Boonah and it is about the same distance from Beaudesert. Only a few sites with power (already snaffled), coin in slot showers 20c/minute, central point to obtain tank water. But the big plus - grass everywhere over huge space. Pick your place - so we went close to the creek (high up, flooding not an issue). Mobile phone reception is a bit erratic so we drove into Rathdowney after showers to phone Ron n Hazel to bring them up to date. They are going to join us on Wed and drive back to Brisbane for the appt on Friday (bit over 1 and half hours each way).

Wow! Is it ever quiet here? There are kangaroos grazing here and there and birds in full chorus. it’s black as pitch at night - still the moon comes up later if the clouds give it a chance.

But wait till Wednesday when the arborist club arrives!!!! They are coming for the Queensland Tree Climbing Championships, so should be fun to watch. It won’t be quiet then.

No reliable phone/internet connection at Bigriggen so will only be able to post when we go out to Rathdowney and beyond on short trips

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