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At Sea.

We set off from Osaka and appear to have steered a course due east all day. We are considering sending a message to the Captain to remind him that Hawaii is in fact quite a long way south of here – at this rate, we will be in Canada in a few days….

Today was warm in the sun, which lasted till early afternoon(ish), but cool in the shade still. I say “ish” as we lost an hour again today, the Captain did his eight-bells midday announcement which kind of went “Hi-di-hi, it’s midday, bong bong etc, the ship’s time is now 1pm”, which was not confusing at all.

Due to you lot also losing an hour at the weekend, we have slightly lost the plot, but we think that we are now 9 hours ahead of you. [My watch is one of those radio-controlled thingies that shouldn’t be able to get a signal all the way out here, so I have to manually adjust the “on-board time”. However it has somehow managed to adjust “back-home time” as well – all by itself. Damned clever these Japanese! - Ed]

We shall continue to lose an hour every day or two this week, until Saturday when we have Sat 2nd followed by Sat 2nd. I spent years teaching probability, and one of our examples for “certain” was always “It is certain that the day after Saturday will be Sunday”, so I am keen to experience this repeat.

I am also keenly awaiting my Pools win; since I will be able to watch the football results come in on the first Saturday, then place my bets ready for the repeat Saturday, since I already know what the results will be…..there has to be a snag with this, but I am on holiday and it’s all too hard.

J is still hoping that we may cross the dateline some time on Friday so that he can have two birthdays- possibly in anticipation of two cakes ?

J spent the morning choosing photos and uploading them to “the blog so far”, so if you are interested and/or have time, it may be worth a look.

Thank you to all for your messages of encouragement and appreciation of the blog, too – they are much appreciated – the logistics of getting replies out to people is complicated, so you are unlikely to get a personal reply, however, this does not mean they are unappreciated.

Mid-afternoon today we had an extra “Hi di Hi” to let us know we were passing our last land for 7 more days – 2 small Japanese islands we sailed between.

Soon after that the ship began rocking – so far, we have rarely been that far offshore, maybe out of sight of land but close enough in for conditions to be pretty flat. We have now reached “proper sea”, where it is hard to walk straight across the floor, and the wardrobe door shuts itself as the ship pitches across. Watching the horizon against the balcony rail looks like a switchback, tilting and curving. The only possible way to deal with this is to sit back in your chair and soak up the sun. At which point it went in.

The blog for the next week will probably be pretty much the same as this since “nothing happens” on sea days : we read, we write the blog and sort photos, we knit (well, I do), we drink tea… and you do not want to keep reading this over and over. And it just feels like we are rubbing it in a bit – hi guys, we are having a lovely time – again…..

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