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Spending two months at one campground gave me a chance to reset and reload.

First, the campground was close to my Mom, one of my sisters, and my son. I visited with each of them several times. Since my first wife is deceased, my son renamed "mother's day" to "parent's day". He and his wife came to the campground to spend the day with me. We had a wonderful visit.

Second, I was only a short drive from my storage unit in RI where I keep items that don't fit in my RV. I made several trips bringing boxes to my RV and sorting them. I kept a few items in my RV, gave away many items and threw away others. Once sorted, I returned less than half of the "stuff" to my storage unit.

And third staying at one campground, it gave me a chance to just sit and relax without spending effort to select my next campground. When you move your home on the average of once every week, it can get pretty monotonous pretty quickly. Some evenings, I would soak in the campground's indoor hot tub. Great way to chat with my neighbors!

I'll probably continue spending a month or two in one place once each year until I settle down somewhere.

Now, I'm heading back out onto the road! My plan it to reach Arizona by the end of this year. Only seven months left to get there!

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