It was about 1000 when Ross and Marge left the campground in Tulsa and headed for Miami, Oklahoma. The first stop was the Flying J where the price of fuel was $3.69. After refueling they arrived at the Newell Corporation Manufacturing Plant around 1200. After setting up Ross walked to the office to check in and to make sure the site they chose was open and to also check that we were expected and would be given a tour of the factory tomorrow morning. Ross was introduced to the sales representative that would be conducting us on the tour and he handed Ross a file full of Newell literature that included blank order forms that the sales representative would certainly be more than happy to assist Ross and Marge order a new motorhome. However, at $1.7 million for the cheapest model the likelihood of an order coming out of this tour is significantly less than zero.

The drive this morning was a short 90 miles and traffic was light. The toll road was not as good as it had been previously been so it really irritated Ross to pay the toll of $9.75 at the toll booth.

Traveling northeast toward Miami it was obvious that a storm was gathering. The winds were terrible with stiff crosswinds the entire trip. The only good thing about the wind was its direction was out of the south to southeast so we did have slight tailwind the entire trip.

Upon arrival they got setup and then headed for a local post office because Ross had a postcard to mail and the postcard was slightly larger than a standard postcard so the Post Office extracted an additional 15 cents in postage for the slightly larger postcard.

After being fleeced by the Post Office they took a driving tour of the town of Miami which is situated astride the Old Route 66 and it looks it. There are several stop lights but at two of the intersection in downtown Miami where stops signs that were posted directly in the middle intersection and the four STOP signs are attached to metal frame, an arrangement neither had seen in over 50 years.

As ross & Marge started driving through the town they could see the storm getting stronger and stronger. There were numerous lightening strikes and immediate loud thunder that meant that the strom was right on top of them. As they headed back to the motorhome it started to pour rain and it rained hard, off and on, for the next three hours. The temperature dropped about 15 degrees in less than 30 minutes and it has continued to drop since then. The rain has now stopped but there are still clouds and an occassional flash of lightening and thunder.

At the time of check-in in Tulsa Ross mentioned they we traveling to Miami, Oklahoma on Monday and the office personnel quickly corrected their pronunciation of the word Miami. The brochure they handed Ross & Marge about the town of Miami has below the name Miami the Oklahoma way of pronouncing Miami as being MY-AM-UH, hey, their OKY's.

One item that Marge saw as they were driving around Tulsa yesterday and was left out of yesterday's entry was a sign that they observed. The sign said,

“Tulsa's Only After Hours Club


2-4 AM”

Thought you might find that somewhat humorous. Ross & Marge did.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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