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Cemetery Recoleta, Asuncion, Paraguay

Old casket - open! Cemetery Recoleta, Asuncion, Paraguay

Mausoleum, Cemetery Recoleta, Asuncion, Paraguay

Inside a mausoleum, very unkempt, Cemetery Recoleta, Asuncion, Paraguay

Palacio de Lopez (Governor's Residence), Asuncion, Paraguay

Asuncion Palace Hotel, Asuncion, Paraguay

Cathedral, Asuncion, Paraguay

Statue and spire celebrating founding of city, Asuncion, Paraguay

Uncared for, Cemetery Recoleta, Asuncion, Paraguay

Shanty Town, Asuncion, Paraguay

Statue and guns, Asuncion, Paraguay

Palacio de Lopez (Governor's Residence), Asuncion, Paraguay

Commemorating the "disappeared" people, Asuncion, Paraguay

Ferries on the Paraguay River, Asuncion, Paraguay

"The Paraguayan Navy", Asuncion, Paraguay

Two old derricks and port building, Asuncion, Paraguay

Lynn at the port, Asuncion, Paraguay

Palacio de Lopez (Governor's Residence) Asuncion, Paraguay

Monday 17th February 2014

Asuncion, Paraguay

Asuncion is set on a large bay on the Paraguay River and is a fairly hot and steamy place. It appears to be a bit ramshackle with many old buildings mixed with a few new apartments and some nicer areas. There is also a shanty town near the waterfront. Our hotel is a few blocks from the city centre down towards the river, although not in sight of the river. After breakfast this morning a guide came to take the group on a walking tour. We all piled into a large minibus and firstly after telling us quite a few jokes, we headed for the city cemetery (always quite an attraction in South American cities) and he spoke to us about the history of the country and who was buried in the cemetery. Because it is a country that not many people know much about, mostly the names meant little to us, but suffice to say that the cemetery was not nearly as well kept or maintained as others we have visited. After that, we drove around the areas that housed all the embassies and the “middle class” of the city. Apparently Paraguay is doing better than most South American countries and has a growth rate of about 10% pa, which is fairly astonishing. It just doesn’t look as though it is that good. We then visited the cathedral, a museum where many cultural things were explained to us about the indigenous people and musicians and politicians. We then walked back past the Congress Building and near the port and then finally back to the hotel. The guide on this trip was very good, extremely amusing and talked absolutely non-stop. We then went back out to lunch at a local café and had empanadas and a beer – very nice as it was hot by now. We then went for a little walk but decided there wasn’t much to see, so went back to our room at about 2:30pm for a rest before going out for drinks and dinner tonight.

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