Costa Rica - January 2014 travel blog

Howler monkeys

Howler monkeys

Beautful beach within the park

Photo shot of the entire Caravan group

Doug Miller demonstrating his dance moves

Doug Miller's dance moves

Our plan was to be up at 5:30 am for a view of the sunrise but howler monkeys decided to insure we would be up by creating a chorus of sound that started at 4:30 am. They settled down for a bit but them found friends and entertained us again at 5:30. We had anticipated being up early as we wanted to be in the Manuel Antonaio National Park early,to avoid the crowds and the heat so we did welcome hearing these monkeys in their morning ritual.

We took a self-guided tour of the trails of Manual Antonio National Park, through the deep forest and onto the beaches of this beautiful park. It did get very hot and very humid, so getting to this park early was a great strategy. Dale took advantage of the beautiful beaches for a final dip into the Pacific Ocean on our last full day (no wardrobe malfunctions tday!)

During our hike through the forest, we experienced many lizards, iguanas, colorful birds and rodent-like creatures that we could not identify. We also saw many large blue morpho butterflies floating down the trails, as if they were showing us the way through the park. These butterflies are some of the largest in the world and their wings can span 5-8 inches. When the blue morph flies, the contrasting bright blue top surface and dull brown underside flash, making it look like the morpho is appearing and disappearing right before your eyes.

We loaded the bus and took a short ride to our lunch site that also provided us with another presentation of a local dance troupe. We also got another surprise of a second opportunity to glide through the rainforest on another aeral tram ride. Another great photo op of the flora and fauna in this dense rainforest.

Back on the bus for the return trip to San Jose and our last night together. We all gather for a group photo shot and then were entertained by a troupe of professional dancers. Once they finished, it was time for selected members of our group to join in the action. Doug Miller was kind enough to park of the entertainment and show us his moves!

We had a great last dinner together, shares many laughs and talking about the highlights from the last 8 days. Off to bed early for an early morning trip to the airport.

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