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Nice hat David!

Revolution Square


Up fairly early, breakfast of the driest eggs ever, then a bus to the airport. As we left the home stay Ella gave the woman who ran it a dress of hers to give to her daughter. The woman gave Ella a strange hat in return. Ella made everyone on the bus wear it. Very strange.

We flew all the way back to Havana and back to the Plaza hotel. After dropping off our stuff we went to Revolution Square where the great rallies are held. Some amazing pictures of Che and other heros of the revolution. One odd thing is that during the entire trip we had never seen a picture or statue of Castro or any of the leaders of the revolution.

We had dinner of vegetable pizza at the hotel then wandered the town a bit. Got to see the Granada – the ship Castro used in his return to Cuba from exile in Mexico. A number of other buildings as well. A quiet afternoon.

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