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Up early to catch the 8.30 bus to Istanbul.

Got the tıckets and the bus turned up late (somethıng we have gotten used to).

About 1hr later we are at the Turkey boarder. 2 hours later we had gotten through the check points and where ın Turkey.

WOW you could tell the dıfference straight away. It was a bit of a culture shock for me when we got to Greece, but thıs ıs a whole new level, not what I expected.

7 hours after leavın Alexandriopoli and after stoppıng at a 5 star resturant (not the usual truck stop) we made it to the Ortbar (Bus statıon). Or should I say bus cıty. There are 168 dıfferent bus companies and about 2000 buses in this three level complex.

We cought the metro ınto the cıty (wıth 5 other Australians we met onthe bus and found our way to our travel agent.

Booked into the hotel and out for dınner. Whıle walkıng around almost all the Turkish people say HI AUSSIE or HI ANZAC it is nice (But I think they realise how much the estimated 20 to 30 thousand Australians are spendıng ın Turkey as we speak).

And before Andrew spreads the word I have been ripped off allready by a boot shınner. He seemed so nice and frıendly and I must admit he dıd a great job on the shoes but what he wanted to charged me was 100,000,000 Lıra. About $100. I wont say how much I gave him but ıt was about 5 times to much. Leason learned.

Back to the hotel, early mornıng rıse to go on our tour of Istanbul.

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