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Tetons in sunshine

Teton National Park is impressive. It's basically 2 parallel roads going north to south with the Teton mountain range and lakes on the west and the plains on the east with canyons between all the mountains providing wonderful hiking. Bison cross the roads willy-nilly, elk graze, marmots play, and bear and moose are around but not numerous. Much is still closed due to snow depth, but we were able to hike all around Jenny Lake and up into Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point (the "most popular" hiking trail supposedly). We then ventured further into the canyon, thinking we'd be fine with our stabilicers. But after passing by 2 hillsides with trees down everywhere due to recent avalanches and snow getting deeper and deeper and not being able to find the trail anymore - we smartened up and turned back. In summer you can hike all the way into the canyon and supposedly up to a beautiful lake - 15+ miles.

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