Poco's great adventure 2009 - 2010 travel blog

on the RIo Dulce en route to Antigua

a beautiful bird

many beautiful birds against a gorgeous blue sky

the fort at the end of RIo Dulce, just before Lago Izabel

our pool at Tijax

some of the many boats by the dock at Tijax

the longest bridge in Central America

few of the yachits in front of Tijax

Cory kicking back in a hammock at yellow house

Sunday, April 12, Easter Sunday. We awoke, and everybody was feeling better and ready for the next phase of the journey. During a light breakfast we met a couple from Vancouver, Carlton and Lorraine who were going to be joining us on the boat trip to Rio Dulce. Carlton and Lorraine, own a number of companies, and one of them is currently involved in a project of building condos in Placencia, Belize, where we had been just a few days earlier. It didn’t take long to realize that Carlton was a man who definitely thought outside the box. Though the condominiums that Carlton was building were far outside Cory and Elaine’s budget Carlton was a wealth of information on the process of settling in Central America. Carlton also shared that he had spent some 28 years in the film industry, which thanks to Google we found his bio and it is quite extensive.

We headed out on our journey up the river to Rio Dulce. It was quite interesting traveling through gorges and near shear rock cliffs with an abundance of local avian species. We stopped along the way, at a little Mayan village so our party could see the craft market of the woman of the village. Very talented but we did not purchase anything as our packs were full.

Once we arrived at Rio Dulce, we started heading up towards the bus station. It was easy to see where it was because of the bus that was there. We discovered that the bus that we wanted, heading to the city of Antigua had just left and there wasn’t another one until 8 am the next morning. Once again it was decision time, as we made the decision on where to spend the night. It was oppressively hot and humid we estimate at least 39C and Cory seemed to be melting in front of our eyes and was clearly suffering. We quickly found a place at the Tijax resort. It was a wonderful place with a pool, and a nice relaxing place to spend the day. The yachts, and boats surrounding the Tijax, were quite a sight to see. It was here that we had high speed internet for the first time in a long while, which gave Cory and Elaine, a chance to update some entries. Uploading photos, can be quite time consuming. Fiona, also used this opportunity to upload some of her photos to facebook. Tomorrow, they would say good bye to their travelling companion, as Fiona, was reaching the end of her trip and was making her way back into Mexico, and then on to California to meet with her daughters, before heading home to Australia.

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