Anne & Tom's Adventure in India travel blog

TV monitors kept us informed of the 7800 mile trip

Winging our way

Kindle users unite

Our great circle route

Checking out of Delhi airport in our taxi

Tightly packed cars were inches apart!

Out on the road

The bathroom!

Our suite

A real bed!

We left home on Thursday, October 9 around 10:30 AM and after a bit of delay due to traffic in Newark, took off for our connecting flight to Delhi. We left a warm USA around 9PM for a very hot India.

Anne enjoyed her Kindle reader and the guy across the aisle had one too! Our noise reduction headphones helped keep the roar of the engines down as we watched the movies Continental provided and Tom had his iPod loaded with "Mad Men" a series from TV.

Our route (the Great Circle Route) flew us across the North Atlantic and then over Russia and down to the "-stan" countries (including Afghanistan). The flight was long and we did not sleep much. Continental's service was superb. The arrival in Delhi was not as traumatic as we had anticipated, but it took a lot of searching to find an ATM machine. We needed rupees to hire a cab to get to our overnight stay at the nearby Radisson. After a bit of exploring, Tom came back with the money and we were off in our taxi. Our driver squeezed out between tightly parked cars in the airport and then with its horn beeping constantly (they drive with their horns in India), got us to the Hotel in 10 minutes, where the taxi got bomb-sniffed before being allowed to the entrance. We were given a complementary upgrade to a suite and it sure was great to settle into a real bed.

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