Rikke and Moch in Africa travel blog

Anna cooking with a beer bottle!

More cooking

Maciej singing for me


Flo making cake in her new sun oven

The stupid damp tent I would trate for a jacuzzi any time...

We are back for a couple of days. Mainly to get ready for Murchison falls in the northern part of Uganda. We are finally going to see some wild animals – ok we saw some in Nairobi National Park, but that is hardly to be considered “wild life”.

Today – Tuesday – is girly night and we have borrowed a HOUSE for the occasion. Rumor is they have a fridge (cold beers) and a fridge (ice cream). I am excited. Besides a big BB has been planned on Thursday, so we are NOT going to leave until, lol.

Are we coming back? – YES – since we finally got involved with something real. We will tell you more when we come back.

Right now Maciej is killing time turning the soil for the kids’ foot ball field. I am getting ready for ice cream.

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