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My number and...ehem....weight. The camera puts on 10 pounds you know!!!

me bricking them?!?!?! Nahhh!!!!

My shankles!

Getting adjusted!

They asked me to remove my inflatable T-Shirt........

They're happy cos they're not frickin jumping!!!!

It's ok I've just spotted a burger van in the valley below!!

Just signing my Will......

Not too sure why I adopted the Johnny Wilkinson stance!

Some joker had glued my toes to the bridge!!!!

What a pro!

That's making me feel sick just looking at it again!!!

Honestly I can't look anymore

still not looking


ohhh good lord why did I just look again!

yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man!!!!

Imagine the man power it took to lift me up from here!!!

And then to the gracefull accent!!!

He craddled me like a baby and wiped the tears away from...

It doesn't look that high anymore!

I don't think I know what just happened yet!!!!

Everyone that jumped or Flying Foxed!

The Bungee Crew. Yeah we're the new Blazing Squad!

Ems number

Look at the confidence man!!!

See I wasn't lying!!!

Bloukrans Bridge

Walkway to the middle of the bridge

The Bungee station

More bridge!

aaand some more bridge!!

View from the Bungee point


I've never looked that small before!!!!

Hostel in Plett

Willis the dog at the hostel in Plett. Yes Em now wants...

Spider in our room in the new hostel. I know we're probably...

The new barmen - Jordan and Fabian


Honestly all they did was drink. No wonder he's smiling!!!

Told you!!!

Ohhh now where's Em gone again!!!!

The Jowas hit hard times.....FRUITINIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (It's a Star Wars thing) (Nevermind!!)

Surfers at Jeffreys Bay - That'll be us tomorrow!!!

View from hostel at Jeffreys Bay

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 4.77 MB)

Ems Flying Fox!!!

Today was our last day in Plett before we headed up the coast to Jeffreys Bay to do a bit of surfing! Sorry TRY to do a bit of surfing!

The BAZBUS wasn't picking us up till 5pm though so we had some time to kill......................time for a Bungee jump then!!!!

We got a shuttle bus at 10am to Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jump, which is I am told "The highest bridge bungee in the world". Sweet.

When we got there we were given the option of walking over to the middle of the bridge for the bungee jump or to do the "Flying Fox" over there.

As I was doing the bungee jump I decided to just walk over there but as Em wasn't doing a jump she was first in line for one of these fox things!!!

I'm gonna start calling her Extreme Em from now on as this was yet another thing that was pretty mental that she was like a rat out of a drainpipe to volunteer for!!

We've got photo's of both the Flying Fox and the Bungee jump and also Em's video should be on this page as well.

I think my bungee video was too big so you can either copy the below link or just search for Austen Sheen in You Tube.

Hopefully all those other "Specialist" videos I starred in have been removed by now.....

Annnnnnnyway we were both quite pleased with ourselves after this and moved on to the next place content.

Em even said she was jealous of my bungee and may even do one in New Zealand!!!

We'll wait and see.......

So we moved on to Jeffreys bay to a hostel called the Island Vibe which is massive and REALLY cool.

Our bedroom is literally on the beach and the bar was BUSY!!

The Billabong surf competition was held here last week and aparently this place was rammo but luckily it had emptied out a bit so just a nice busy amount of people.

I think there was more people in the bar than we saw in the whole of Plett in 2 days!!!

And obviously by the end of the first night here we were best mates with the bar staff (again)!!

Technically we have surf lessons at 10am tomorrow but seeing as we didn't get to bed till 4.30am I can't guarantee we're gonna make it!!!


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