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Our Balinese cooking experience

Hehe thats why i let Emma cut the tumeric up

Rice Fields

Under the millions of flowers in our hotel grounds in Ubud

Bali harbour...our last view of land for 5 hours

our makeshift tent

Emma, Becky & Chris (the other brits we borrowed sarongs from)

Our first view of Lombok

Gili Tranwangen..heaven

in the middle of nowhere!

Emma wandering in the sun

more idyllic shots

the huts we sat in everyday and ate our lunch

Hello everyone

well we're not actually in heaven, as i dont think they have internet access up there yet, but we are pretty close!

We are on a tiny island called Gilli Tranwangan which is north of the island of Lombok (will put a map ref on for you all)

This place is just beautiful, white sand, beach huts, restaurants, glass bottom boats, lots of snorkelling...our idea of heaven

although the trip here was a bit of a nightmare (when is it ever anything else with us two??) we bought our bus tickets to take us directly over here and knew that the bus would have to get on the ferry at some point (emma had her sea sickness remedies at hand dont worry mrs brassington)but werent really sure how long it the end it was 2 hours by bus, then 5 hours by ferry, then 2 hours by bus and another 1 1/2 hours by being the airheads that we are thought it only looked about 2hrs max on the map...tip to self: always check the scale on the side of the map before embarking on an expedition

on the ferry our bus driver sent all the 'tourists' upstairs away from all the locals..'ahh what a nice man' we thought getting us away from all the scary locals..nope! we were wrong, upstairs turned out to be the only part of the ferry without any shade....5 hours on a green metal floor in the blazing sun..brilliant! but being the stoic british lasses that we are, we got talking to another couple of brits and ended up tying all our sarongs together and making a big tent by tying it to the railings of the ferry, so we sat under here for 5 hours and swapped travel stories (emma and i definately had the best ones!)

so we were exhausted when we arrived, but very pleased to find out that the villas we are staying at (yep we have our own villa thats brand new...2 stories and they bring breakfast to our veranda for us every morning) are owned by an English did we manage to find the one english person in Lombok? she is so lovely and has lent us all the British magazines, says we can help ourselves to all her books in her attic and we get free drinks all day.

tonight we are going to have dinner at this restaurant on the beach where you get your own private hut with cushions and a movie screen and you can pick from about 100 movies to watch whilst you eat dinner....perfect

oh and the tans are coming along swimmingly too!

will email again soon to let you all know that we are still safe (and to make you all jealous of course)

love you all

Vik & Em x x x

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