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Well Pop what a legend you are. We have just begun on the hills and am very glad that we have decided to take buses. Yes Pop, you are the only one in the family that could do it! We are not up to the challenge in our shape, well okay my shape and mum's age. The view is superb and we just look at it in awe that you did this. Mum kept looking at them thar hills thinking how you had done it and the fact that you were also under the weather to boot.

We went up to Oropa today and part of the road was giving way. They are trying to fix it but it could be a dangerous trip in the future. There is a large building up there which is mostly of religious value. A few nun's were wondering around and lots of visitors. All of which seemed to be Italian. They have several souvenier shops in the grounds and some of the things they sell are quite suprising. There is obviously lots of religious items but there was also Disney items and American Indian statues. Now Nev I know that you are into the indian stuff but to buy it from here seemed wrong. Best that we wait till we get to the real stuff in America.

At least the fact that they sold such items was good as in Biella, souveniers such as postcards don't seem to exist. We are also the only tourists that we have seen. It just seems to be a local place. Maybe just a little of the beaten track for most. Mum at least now has her postcards.

When we went to get off the bus, Mum had already stood up but the bus driver thought he would go just a bit further. She lost her balance and found it again by falling slightly onto that sore wrist of hers. Want to hear something strange? It seems to have fixed what ever may have been wrong. Blimey, if all that she needed was a whack on the wrist, heck I could have done that for her. The chiroprator that we had gone to find in the morning, we think was on holidays. We had quite a time trying to explain the situation to the lady there due to her lack of English and ours of Italian. But we laughed through it and think we came away with something that might ease up the wrist a bit till it's fully better. I think Diane is right. You should really avoid going to see a chiroprator in a place that doesn't really know what one is!

Tomorrow we are off to Alagna and a few others along the way. This place has been nice and the people are fab but time to go.

By the way, just to let Kimberley know that yes we have had pizza here and some don't even have cheese. Considering however the effect that foods like that are having on me, there won't be any more of it.

Here's to home food and lack of cramps.

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