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Sarti - she is worth zooming in on, beautiful girl

Happy New Year's 2062!! That's what year it is here in Kathmandu. Yeah, they're the only country in the world that follows their own calendar, and what seems a pretty different perspective on life as well. It's very unique... and it's gotta be the absolute adventure capital of the world (minus snowboarding). So far, it is one place on this planet where I would really stay for quite some time, for lots of reasons. It's just got that feeling.

I'm sure Josh will cover all the geographical awes of the day so let me tell you a little bit about the people... just across The Friendship bridge that divides Nepal and Tibet, we stopped for a curry lunch and met Sarti and her little friend, two beautiful young girls, with those beautiful black eye liner eyes of India, hanging out by the bus stop. They were very welcoming, despite the fact that they were working up a petition for a donation. :)There were little children all over the place along what seemed to be the only road into Nepal, and you just hope that you don't fall off of it. It's funny, the border here is like night and day. No intermixing of any kind, one side is Tibet (China) and you immediately find yourself in Nepal upon crossing the bridge.

When we stepped off the bus in Kathmandu it was like, ok now what? So I asked a guy to help us call our organization to come pick us up at the bus station. The guy who helped us was, Manuel (not really but this is the closest thing that resembled what he said his name was) He was so nice and within 30 minutes, as we awaited for our ride, he was telling me all about Nepal, that Hinduism is the official religion here (85%-90% of the population being Hindu, the others Buddhist and a very small percentage of Muslims and Christians-like .02%), and the little that he knew about Christianity. Awesome how quickly that came up, sad how little he and his friend new... mainly that we don't use candles.

Then our ride came, Rabyn (Robin), who founded HopenHome, the organization we'll be working with. He's a great guy, his heart really set on helping his people and on getting us settled in. He said that the main reason for orphans in Nepal is the political unrest that has caused so much war in this beautiful country. It seems we're a little interested in him teaching us more about Hinduism and likewise, he'd like to learn more about Christianity. Should be interesting and beneficial for all 3 of us. :)

Then on our walk home... I encountered two little ones digging thru the trash on the side of the road. It stunned me, they were so little. Way too little to be earning a living off of aluminum cans. So glad that we're here with them as our primary purpose.


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