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I can't feel my spine.........

Well that was a fun night!!

We didn't really get too much sleep as funnily enough the car probably wasn't designed for 3 people to sleep in it, but it was better than nought I spose.

We were up by about 8am and decided to give all the hostels another go before check out time (10-10.30am) where it may get a bit more frantic.

Luckily we found one hostel that had one double available for 3 nights so we took it. It was completely overpriced at about $80 a night (GBP 35.00) but between 3 of us it shouldn't be too bad and I don't think any of us can spend another night in the car!!!

We droped off our stuff and then went for a bit of an explore around town.

It's really cool and chilled out with some funky shops as well.

We headed down the beach after a short while armed with our free bodyboards from the hostel and spent the next couple of hours in the wicked waves on Byron Bay.

In the afternoon Em explored town a bit more and me and Matt hit the beach again with the bodyboard & surfboard that I had hired.

The waves were wicked, if a little crowded, but the sea is beautiful and it was the perfect surfing evening.

That evening we just hung out at the hostel bar which is actually really swanky.

Then to a real bed for the night...........Matt got the floor!!!!

We like Byron Bay a lot and 3 days won't be long enough here!


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