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Nick and I ventured into Accra, the capital city, with 3 other volunteers. As I write the stereo is pumping out Aerosmith and there are at least 50 people are this internet cafe, including a handful of Obronis - which is strange because we are used to being the only Obronis in town (the 10 or so volunteers at the orphanage). A bit of a culture shock to say the least. After this we will head to Frankie's for some burgers and fries and pizza and ice cream. Yum Yum. Not that the plantains and fu fu haven't been keeping our tummies full.

So it has been a long week - a sad week of sorts. We found out Monday morning that little Kwami, the twin brother to Ama, who was less than a month, had passed away on Sunday. It was a tough time for the volunteers as he was by far the smallest baby any of us had ever held - will likely ever hold. We really were rooting for him. Every day checking it to see how we was progressing, saying our little prayers that he would grow up to be big and strong. And of course, we are heartbroken for Ama. She lost her Mother in birth, and now her twin brother as well. Its hard for those of us from the western world, but we remind ourselves that this is Africa.

I've continued to spend a lot of time with little Jo Jo. We found out that he isn't 7 months but in fact 9 months. With that in mind, Nick and I and Mommy Nurse will be taking him to a hospital this week for a full assessment. There is something wrong with this little angel. Nick and I are more than happy to cover the costs- we hope an assessment could improve his circumstances. He is still not sitting up on his own but has really started to smile a lot and that really helps. There's a person inside his body afterall. A personality I hope will develop, a future, I hope.

We've had a few sleepovers this week. Melissa and Ali (two sisters from Oregeon) and us have hosted some little ones. First for us was Sammy, 2 years old, who slept in bed with us while Perpetua and Eva (both 2) slept with Melissa and Ali. Perpetua had some serious stomach problems that night, and just like every other kid Ali cares for, seriously made a mess she had to clean up - her bed, as well as herself. Lucky for us, Sammy only had a wet diaper that did not leak! The next night we hosted KiliKoo (4), Nana Atawa (3), and Mr Ata (4). We grabbed a spare mattress and likely for the first time in his life, Kilikoo got a bed all to himself. Heck he even got a blanket and a pillow. He was rather excited to say the least. The next morning he woke up before 5. Nick and I him played for a couple of hours before I got up, unaware that Kilikoo had not gone back to sleep. Thanks Nick!

So what other adventures at the orphanage? A Russian candy maker dropped off 100 boxes of candy (JUST what the kids need in their tiny stomachs - sugar, sugar, sugar), donated shoes were handed out to the toddlers as well as some very interesting heeled boots and faux fur boots that the 10 year old boys have taken a liking too :) Oh and the neglected 2 dogs have become pets, have been named Love and Peace by the kids and now have ropes around their necks as leashes.

There is always something happening to keep us laughing. Those kids are something else. Man we are falling hard for them. Leaving is going to be tough.

We cannot add photos while we are here on account of the many viruses that are unavoidable. However, Nick has been helping out with a website (using local computer equipment) check it out at:

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