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Gorden and Diana

Finally Caught up w/ Gorden and Diana at Breakfast















































































Went to Eastern Paradise Inn early and had breakfast with Gorden and Diana who stayed there (we'd checked here yesterday but they hadn't checked in yet so the folks there had no record of them which is why we missed them). The breakfast at E. Paradise was HUGE compared to what we had at Honey Pine so I'd recommend E. Paradise Inn over Honey Pine.

After we said our good byes and sent them on their 3 day trek we checked out ourselves and went to the 'bus/truck' stop. Here we met David (from Ottawa, Canada) and Simar (Burmese) also waiting for transport to Inlay Lake. Simar knew the ropes and soon we were in a truck to the Shwenyaung junction (3000 ea) then a taxi to Inlay Lake-Nyaungshwe and Remember Inn (1500 ea). Having arrived by noon we spent the rest of the day walking around the small town. We also arranged a lake boat trip (18000) for tomorrow through the nice folks at Remember Inn. AFTER questioning several places including folks at Remember who only knew of night bus, we found out that we can take a 7am pickup to Shw. junction where we get the bus to Meiktila and from there pick up a bus to Bago! It's an all day affair, supposedly the night bus takes 14 hours!

Our opinion of Myanmar is somewhat marred by the cost of O.N.s and transport. Plus, several times we've been hit by 'entry' fees to towns!!! Inlay Lake for one -$5 US as if spending money while there was not enough!! Getting tired of overpaying for everything, the two tier system - one for tourists which is double or more than one for locals for transport, entry, even restaurant food at times!!! I'd prefer a VAT in most cases, which would even the playing field and is more knowable.


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