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Tim Getting in Our Taxi - Hard on the Butt Seats!

These Are the Local Locals Taxis

Tim @ Lunch Stop...Looking Humble?

Tobacco and Onions?

One of Many Temples, This One Quite Spectacular w/ Silver Dome

Magnificent Old Home...Love the Flower Vines on Fence

Our Honey Pine Hotel Just Off Main Highway

A taxi to bus station...our driver took us directly to the bus leaving for Meiktila which left only to continue 'trolling' for more passengers as it headed out of town. It finally left Mandalay city about 9 and arrived in Meiktila at noon. This was our first experience in a 'local' bus and gave us some idea of how they operate...lots of stops, lots of people on and off, and we arrived just in time to get on the pickup truck to Kalaw. This is another 'local' deal this time with plank seats. Really good connection with the people - right in their laps so to speak, however, bad for the butt which got mightily bruised, ha!

(Yesterday we went from altitude cool to plains & heat/humidity of Mandalay. Today we traveled from heat back up into coool mountains - love being here.)

In Kalaw:

We looked the town over for Gorden and Diana but no luck so we checked Honey Pine Hotel and after a bit more walking about ate at Dream Restaurant nearby where it seems lots of folks eat and from our experience having their cream of veggie soup, it was worth the crowd, ha!

Commercial Site Info Kalaw

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