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Lebanon Hills Campground, Apple Valley, Mn.

Jay and Ava checking out Lego Land.

Ava's favorite ride

On their way UP! and around!

Waiting their turn for the ferris wheel.

Jay on the log ride. It was hard to get a moving...

Going up....showing no fear.

Jay didn't want Ava to know he was scared

Got packed up and headed to Minneapolis. We are staying at Lebanon Hills Campground. It is a beautiful state park in Apple Valley. We are only a few miles from the Airport and the Mall of America.

The kids are getting anxious. We spent the day at the Mall of America. Ava's first words were "Wow, that's big" when she saw the amusement area. Jay couldn't wait to show her Lego Land. He had $40.00 to buy Legos. After he and Ava spent some time looking they decided to each get a $19.99 set. Pappa covered the tax. Braxton also did the teenage stroll through the mall for a short while.

They rode as much as they could in the time we were there. Braxton helped to talk Ava into a couple rides she was scared of. Jay found a friend that rode the log ride over and over with him. Pappa and Mammu spent the time trying to keep track of everyone.

The evening was spent packing bags for the trip home tomorrow.

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