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Brizzy by the river!

And again!

The Brizzy Crimbo Tree!

We woke up all hung over this morning knowing that we had to check out as all the beds were taken for the night tonight.

So we went and got the car and then drove around for a bit looking for another hostel.

We eventually found one called Cloud 9 which was a bit of a crud hole really. It was ok but it was just pretty dirty. Me and em got 2 beds in a 4 bed dorm (that was the size of a cupboard) and that the other 2 occupants had been living in for 3 months so their crap was everywhere!! Matt decided to sleep in the car instead tonight!

We dumped our stuff and then drove to the South Bank in Brisbane City that has a lagoon and museums and shops and stuff.

We parked in an underground multi-storey and then wandered about for a bit.

The lagoon was pretty nice so we just hung out there for a bit, and then me and Em went for a wander to try and find our travel agent and 'adjust' our travel plans in South America.

We had a word with them but had to contact the English office to sort stuff out so it was pretty pointless really, but after this me, Em, and Matt went to a couple of Museums (Yes museums!) which were really cool.

We were all impressed with ourselves being both culture vultures and also not spending any money as the museums were free!!

That all changed though when we went to pay for our parking.

6 hours parking.........$36!!!!!

That's GBP 16.00!!!

We were absolutely fuming about that but settled down by the time we got back to the hostel.

We had something to eat and then watched some dvds and then bid Matt a goodnight and then went for a sleep in our dirty cupboard!


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