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Pinedale, Wy, population 1400, has a nice airport among other things

Nice private jets

Curious tower maybe from oil or gas industry

Open range, lush green foothills, Rocky Mountains

Closest Grocery and so much more!

Interesting poles, hard to hang sign on

Have to check out the quilt shop!

Open range, sky is getting dark

Nice "Home on the Range"

Mountain pass

Cell tower in the middle of nowhere

Long distance view

Entering forest


Clouds and rain in the distance

Getting closer to the storm

Weather man's delight

Lot's of rain ahead

Caught a streak!

Blue skys and we haven't gotten wet . . . yet

6 miles of constuction, car will need washing

Gorgeous view, roads are wet

Big Rock

Lightning touched down up in the mountains

Another huge rock


Blue skys ahead

Long valley view

Interesting rock columns

House with a view

First view of the Tetons


Quaint tourist town and ski resort

Maybe we shouldn't have packed a picnic

Brian's stop

Lots of antlers

Park Entrance


To the Visitor Center

Topo map at visitor center

Antler to examine closely

Dick checks out curled horn

Storm coming in

Green hills to the east

Sky in transition

Plane flying into Jackson Hole Airport




"Peaking" through the clouds






High and low clouds

Clouds in the valley

More scenic clouds on the way home

Edge of the storm

The Grand Tetons are about 100 miles from us so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it. Little did we know we would get a weather show all day. We enjoyed the Ansel Adam's view of the Great Tetons but hope to get back on a sunny day.

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