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Bike rally Joseph OR

Joseph OR

Josepth Canyon

Joseph Canyon

Joseph Canyon

This is where Lewis and Clark camped

Our view

From our perspective

RV Resort

We are staying "uptown" in an RV Resort. We have stayed in a number of private campgrounds on our adventure but I think this is our first resort. Of course increased dollars goes with it. We are right on the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers in Clarkston, Washington. Just across the water is where Lewis and Clark camped in the early 1800's with the Indians for the winter. They eventually went down the Columbia River to the Pacific ocean. Pretty neat. Anyway this is a very nice campground as you will note in the pictures. Yesterday we rode our bikes into Joseph OR to be part of the biker (motorcycle) rally that was in town. Hundreds of motorcycles. We had a nice lunch in a local restaurant and headed on a 90 mile trip north. I questioned Shirley why we were only going 90 miles until I realized there were more mountains to cross. It was her day in the barrel with huge switch backs but oh so pretty. The day before you may remember I was driving most of the day and we did many mountains. It really takes concentration to drive in those conditions and you are worn out at the end of the day. Glad I was just a passenger. Off to church soon and a bit further west. Picking up our mail Monday in a little town in Eastern Washington. Meeting up with Don and Jeanne Thursday. Enjoy the pics.

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